The benefits

The effects

Lili allows dyslexics to erase the distracting mirror image and to read more easily and fluently. The perception of writing is more precise for many dyslexics. In the long term, the light flashes help them to increase their lexical spelling stock, allowing progress in reading and spelling.

The benefits

  • More contrasting perception of letters

  • Smoother and faster reading

  • Self-confidence, renewed motivation

  • Better understanding and concentration

  • Reduced reading fatigue

  • Facilitated writing

Our beta test in 2021 showed an efficiency rate of 80%. For more details on the process and results of the beta test click here.

Wow effect

30% of beta-testers feel a “wow” effect: a very clear difference in visual perception from the first use. They tell us that they rediscover reading, like colour-blind people who might rediscover colours.

  • The letters dance less, the words no longer “overlap”

  • Better line tracking, easier returns to the line

  • Less mistakes while reading.

Behavioural gains

More motivation

29% of beta testers say they are more motivated

More energy and enthusiasm

21% say they have more energy and enthusiasm to start reading

Increased self-confidence

25% mention a gain in self-confidence, which is perfectly logical: the improvement in reading skills leads the dyslexic person into a positive spiral.

Striking testimonies

« Reading becomes easier, it makes me less tired »

« Reduced eye strain, even on screen and when writing »

« I remember sentences better, no need to proofread »

« He used to read for 15 minutes at night, now he reads for up to an hour »

« I am less tired during the evening »

« His motivation to work has raised with his “magical” »

« He is less reluctant to get started »

« He is more organised, more focused »

Rate of real difference in visual perception. For some beta testers, it takes 5 to 6 uses to reach this.
of beta-testers report an improvement in the speed and/or fluency of their reading.
of beta-testers describe a
visual comfort and reduced reading task fatigue.
positive feedback on the effectiveness of the Lili lamp

Academic study

To complement these results, an Academic Master 2 study was conducted on a smaller sample.

The study found that 83% of users experienced a real difference in perception and improved reading.

The wow effect is an immediate difference in perception: 58% of our testers felt an immediate difference in perception with the lamp.

To sum up

To conclude on our beta-test and that of Lili lamp, we can say that the most felt effects are the fluidity of reading and the reduction of fatigue. Thanks to the light flashes, the mirror image is eliminated for dyslexic people, thus providing better comfort. It can be said that the Lili lamp is a help for dyslexic people in general.

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Beyond the studies and the scientific litterature , since the beginning of the adventure, we have received moving testimonies from dyslexic people, both children and adults, who have “lived again” since using Lili. Their comments confirm the veracity of the effects of the innovation, and reinforce our mission to promote it widely, to dyslexic people throughout the world.

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