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An assistive technology for dyslexic people

Lili for Life is the only company authorised to exploit, in France and in the world, the patents filed on “lamp” devices in relation to this discovery.

In order to promote this discovery as widely as possible, our R&D team, with the help of researchers in Rennes, has developed a lamp that allows dyslexic people to erase the disturbing mirror image they perceive for easier and more fluid reading.

Reading with dyslexia, without Lili

The dyslexic person has difficulty reading the word ‘parade’. The letters overlap, the purple and blue letters are seen simultaneously.

Reading without dyslexia

The person can read the word “parade” without difficulty. The image is not superimposed.

Reading with dyslexia with Lili

The dyslexic person is able to read with the help of his Lili lamp because it recreates the vision of a normal reader.

The technology

Based on the research of two scientists from Rennes, Lili’s technology emits luminous flashes, imperceptible to the naked eye, which make the perception of the written word more precise for many dyslexics. Reading becomes more fluid, faster and less tiring. Access to meaning is facilitated.

Through a stroboscopic effect of the light, invisible to the naked eye, the lamp creates a temporal shift in perception between each eye. The images are therefore no longer processed simultaneously by the brain and the “mirror” image effect is erased.

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Imagined and designed in France, Lili has been optimised to take up as little space as possible. You can fold it in an instant and take it everywhere in its protective cover.

100% Configurable

Thanks to its dedicated mobile application (Liliforlife, available on iOS and Android), Lili is fully customisable. You can adjust all the settings of the light beam from your smartphone to suit your comfort and ensure optimal use.


Because we want people with dyslexia to be able to enjoy the best reading comfort wherever they go, Lili is equipped with a rechargeable battery for up to 6 hours.

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Aware of the need but also of the doubts you may have, we give you the possibility to try the Lili lamp at home, quietly. You can benefit from the support of our customer service and, if necessary, our speech therapist when you receive your Lili. If it does not suit you, you have up to 45 days* to return it, and you will be fully refunded.

Configure your Lili


Before use, charge the lamp with a USB C charger. At minimum light intensity, the lamp will last for about 6 hours.

When the battery charge becomes insufficient, the lamp starts to flash. When charging, a red LED lights up, and turns green when the lamp is charged.


To customise the settings of the lamp, install the Lili for Life application, available for free on Android and IOS.

Once the lamp is charged, activate the Bluetooth of the smartphone on which the application has been downloaded and open the application.


Click on “SEARCH” and then turn on the lamp on the first brightness level. You will see a “Lili lamp” appear. Click on it, you have now paired your application with your phone.

Setting up phase

by a third-party

Once the lamp is switched on, the application downloaded and paired with the lamp, sit down with a printed document. Make the adjustments with a trusted person.

  • Choose a location with normal lighting: avoid direct sunlight or equivalents of the same intensity, as this may reduce the effect of the lamp.

  • Adjust the light intensity: the lamp has a button on the side with 3 brightness levels. Depending on your reading comfort, choose between the modes :


  • Read and communicate your feelings while the other person sets the following parameters on the application:

Speed (Hertz) : Frequence of the light flashes.

Start by the speed: Press “Modify”: Increase or decrease gradually until the reader no longer perceives the light flashes and feels comfortable reading.

Balance (%) : The LEDs are switched off in % of the lighting time.

Then, go to balance: Repeat the same procedure as with speed.

Continuous lighting: Interrupts the pulsed effect, the light becomes continuous. The speed and balance settings are removed.

Finally, without telling the reader, activate the continuous mode and ask him/her about his/her feelings. Do the same after switching off the continuous mode. If the patient identifies a benefit when returning to pulsed light, Lili is effective for them.

About 50% of users experience an immediate effect. So you may need several uses to notice improvements in your reading.

Congratulations! Lili has saved your settings: you no longer need your smartphone to use Lili.

If you wish to adjust the settings, reconnect Lili to the application.

How to use Lili with a screen ?

The Lili lamp facilitates reading for dyslexic people on any type of screen.

It is recommended that the brightness of the screen be lowered significantly before positioning the lamp, which improves its effectiveness. You can fine-tune the setting using one of the 3 intensity positions of the lamp to find the best reading comfort.

Adjust the height and tilt at the rotations numbered 1, 2 and 3 and adjust the screen opening angle at 4.

Position 1

Position 2

They tried Lili

Customer service

Available 6/7 : +33 2 78 92 00 10

Satisfied or money back

45 days* to adopt Lili

Free delivery

Delivery up to 5 days

Made in France

Imagined and developed in France