Have you thought about the inclusion of dyslexic people in your company?

59% of dyslexics have concealed their dyslexia in employment.

Opinion Way study of october 2022, France

Lili for Life can help you identify the dyslexic employees within your company to help them, give them support and develop their strengths.

Have you noticed that some of your employees take longer time to read files, make mistakes in their e-mails or write without punctuation?

There are high chances that these employees are dyslexic or dysorthographic. According to the WHO, 8 to 10% of the population has a learning disability.

Although partially compensated in adulthood, these disorders have a lifelong impact. The need for support within the company is essential to ensure the well-being and productivity of its employees.

People with dyslexia have unique qualities such as perseverance, which is highly sought after in companies.

Tailor-made support for your employees with learning disorders

With the contribution of a linguist and a speech therapist; an expert in dyslexia and an expert in innovations for people with learning disabilities offer a program ranging from awareness-raising workshops to personalized workstation adjustments for the benefit of your employees with learning disabilities.

1. Awareness of learning disorders for supervisory staff

Videos, Interactive webinar, Acquired skills

Online, Duration: 2 hours, Speakers: 3

OBJECTIVE: To raise awareness of learning disorders, remove taboos and enable management teams to identify employees with learning disabilities.

2. Workshop for employees

Presentation of learning disorders for all employees directly or indirectly concerned

On site, Our stay : 4 hours, Speakers: 3

OBJECTIVE: Show the strenghts of people with learning disorders and remove taboos in order to encourage employees with learning disabilities to declare themselves to the company.

3. Interview with the employees with learning disorders on their needs and solutions

Setting up personalized appointments with a shared schedule, in partnership with an occupational physician or ergonomist, test of material.

On site, Our stay : 1 day (30mn each), Speakers: 3

OBJECTIVE: Enabling employees with learning disorders to express their difficulties but also to highlight their strengths and aspirations.