In the world of social innovation, a bold advertising campaign has successfully transformed the traditional perception of dyslexia. This campaign, aimed at redefining dyslexia as a valuable skill in the workplace, received the prestigious Grand Prix at the 13th edition of the European Care Awards on December 5, 2023, in Brussels. Created by Made by Dyslexia, it has set a significant precedent in how society perceives dyslexia.


Established in 2008 and managed by the non-profit organization ACT Responsible, the Care Awards recognize the best creative advertising campaigns worldwide that promote care for people and the environment. This year, a total of 120 entries were carefully selected. #DyslexicThinking took the top prize!


Innovative Tactics


Although dyslexia is often seen as a handicap and a challenge in the business world, research shows that dyslexic individuals excel in areas such as creativity, empathy, and leadership.

The global charity based in London, Made by Dyslexia, in collaboration with Virgin Group, undertook to change the narrative and dispel common myths about dyslexia among cultural institutions and the business sector. Dyslexic thinking was presented as a skill by the platform’s 810 million users on social media (read here) and invented a new term by


Made by Dyslexia adopted innovative tactics to change the traditional perspective on dyslexia. It highlighted inspiring stories of dyslexic individuals (Orlando Bloom, Sir Richard Branson, Keira Knightley) who have succeeded in various fields, emphasizing how their unique way of thinking contributed to their success. Impactful videos, informative podcasts, and social media campaigns were deployed to reach a broad audience and provoke deep reflection on dyslexia.


Transformational Impact


The impact of this campaign goes far beyond mere recognition at the European Care Awards. It has created a radical shift in perspective in society, positioning dyslexia as a skill rather than a hindrance. On social media, there was a 1,562% increase in positive mentions about dyslexia, with negative mentions decreasing by 4,450% compared to pre-campaign levels. Employers at major corporations (Facebook, EY, HSBC, Microsoft) began to rethink their recruitment processes to harness the unique advantages that dyslexic individuals bring to the table. This has opened up new career opportunities for many individuals and spurred innovation within companies.


The mission of the startup LILI FOR LIFE fully aligns with this changing perception of dyslexia. Not only does it offer a revolutionary tool based on pulsed light that enhances visual reading comfort for dyslexic individuals, but it also offers impactful awareness workshops aimed at transforming perceptions of dyslexia for interested companies (Veolia, KPMG, Collins Aerospace, Crédit Agricole, BPGO).



The #DyslexicThinking campaign, which redefined dyslexia as a skill, has succeeded in creating significant change in society’s perception. By celebrating the diversity of talents, it has paved the way for a more inclusive approach in the professional world. The European Care Awards honoured this campaign not only for its exceptional success but also for the catalyst it has become in transforming our ideas about the potential of dyslexic individuals. It is a victory for inclusion, diversity, and social innovation!