How it works ?

Based on Frenchscientific discoveries, Lili's technology emits flashes of light, almost invisible to the naked eye, making the perception of writing more precise for a majority of people with dyslexia. Reading then becomes smoother, faster and less tiring.

With Lili, read without difficulty

Lili is a lamp that makes reading easier for people with dyslexia.

Its Speed and Balance settings help customize the lamp behavior for optimal results

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  • Eloïse, 16yo - France

    "Lili helps me read sentences easily. I can now read the classics smoothly!"

  • Luc, 50yo - France

    "I thought I was a lost cause, but it brought back the joy of reading. No more fatigue and headaches, reading is a pleasure once again."

  • Julien, 21yo - France

    "With Lili, reading is easier! The lamp helps me read and I'm less tired at the end of a good day of work."

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The Lili lamp in detail

  • Foldable

    Designed and developed in France, the Lili lamp has been designed to be as compact as possible. You can fold it in a flash and carry it everywhere in its protective case.

  • 100% customizable

    With its dedicated app (Liliforlife, available on iOS and Android), Lili is 100% customizable. You can adjust all the settings of the lamp right from your smartphone to benefit from optimum results

  • Rechargeable

    To ensure that people with dyslexia can enjoy reading anywhere, Lili comes with a built-in battery lasting up to 6 hours.

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