How it works ?

Based on Frenchscientific discoveries, Lili's technology emits flashes of light, almost invisible to the naked eye, making the perception of writing more precise for a majority of people with dyslexia. Reading then becomes smoother, faster and less tiring.

With Lili, read without difficulty

Lili is a lamp that makes reading easier for people with dyslexia.

Its Speed and Balance settings help customize the lamp behavior for optimal results

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The scientific discovery

In 2017, during scientific studies on the eye, two French physicists found a new cause of dyslexia. These disruptive discoveries were rewarded in December 2020 with the award of the Raymonde Destreicher Prize, awarded by the French National Academy of Medicine.

They found that for many people with dyslexia, the arrangement of the blue cones of Maxwell's centroids (in the foveas of the retinal maculas) was identical in both eyes and round in shape. The result is a lack of directing eye for people with dyslexia.

  • Eloïse, 16yo - France

    "Lili helps me read sentences easily. I can now read the classics smoothly!"

  • Luc, 50yo - France

    "I thought I were a lost cause, but it brought back the joy of reading. No more fatigue and headaches, reading is a pleasure once again."

  • Julien, 21yo - France

    "With Lili, reading is easier! The lamp helps me read and I'm less tired at the end of a good day of work."

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The Lili lamp in detail

  • Foldable

    Designed and developed in France, Lili's design has been thought to take as less place as possible. You can fold it in a flash and carry it everywhere in its protective case.

  • 100% customizable

    With its dedicated app (Liliforlife, available on iOS and Android), Lili is 100% customizable. You can adjust all the settings of the lamp right from your smartphone to benefit from optimum results

  • Rechargeable

    To ensure that people with dyslexia can enjoy reading anywhere, Lili comes with a built-in battery lasting up to 6 hours.

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